What’s this?

As the title says, this is the place where you can find Video Game concepts and ideas. It’s quite simple: I have them all in my head, it’s just that I cannot really get myself to properly implement them. Most of my posts will contain concepts of applications/games for the smartphone industry, be it Android, iOS or Amazon Marketplace.

Why am I writing all this stuff knowing that I could pretty much have zero readers whatsoever? As I’ve mentioned earlier I cannot implement most of my ideas and this because I do not have the knowledge to do so. My skills in Java and C programing are pretty basic at the moment but I’m learning and practicing both on my own and during classes. Yep, I’m a 22 years old jobless student like oh so many others all around the world.

My biggest satisfaction at the moment? Waking up at 2 in the morning only to realize that if I don’t grab a piece of paper and a pen to scribble down a sudden idea for a game I just dreamt (and dreamed off!) about I might miss the chance to come up with the next smash hit application.


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