Title: Tap That Vinyl
Platform: Android/iOS
Genre: Casual

Tap That Vinyl is a casual rhythm game where the player can select a song and hit a series of “notes” according to the beat. The game mechanic is similar to Guitar Hero or Audiosurf.


The game would require access to the phone music library. Once a song has been loaded the game will generate the circles seen in the gif according to the song audio properties. The circles would be generated on the 4 sides of the screen with the player having to tap each circle once they reach the middle/red-zone of the vinyl. Whenever the player would miss tapping a circle there would be a sharp sound indicating the failure.

There could be 3 difficulties influencing the speed at which the circles are generated: easy, medium, expert. There could be a score where each successfully taped circle gives 10 points, however it would be much better if there would be a 100/100 (%).

There could also be circles when you need to hold the tap and not release it for e certain time, for example when there’s a long guitar part.


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