Title: Versus
Platform: Android/iOS/PC
Genre: Casual


Versus is a simple split screen infinite runner game meant to be played by 2 players on the same phone/tablet. The goal of the game is to make your ball (in this case a placeholder) travel the furthest into the level. The player which is left behind loses the game.

The player would need to tap the raised ground in order to pass that tile, otherwise they are stuck until they remove the obstacle. When his ball reaches the bottom part of the screen it’s game over. When the raised tile is taped it lowers down, raising the opposite part on the other side of the screen where the second player advances. The following gif should give you a rough idea:

concept gif

Do note that the gif above represents the start of the game. The moment the balls reach the middle of the screen the “background” starts scrolling. At this point whenever a player gets stuck he ends up getting left behind until he taps the raised tile that stopped him. When he does that he starts moving again trying to regain terrain.

Extra elements: the moment a tile is lowered not only does it raise the opposite part but it also lowers and/or raises a second random tile from the opponent’s side of the screen. While the concepts and images I did are a sketch and could work out if the visual style is meant to be minimalist the game concept could reach a bigger audience if the game has for example 2 cats running upwards instead of the balls. The moment a cat hits a wall it starts scratching it until the player taps it and lowers it down for his cat to pass.

If we were to expand on this idea a little more, there could be ingame purchases of “skins”, or entities that would replace the cats. There could be dogs, penguins, heck, anything might work. The dog could start barking when it hits a wall, the penguin could start crying, a light bulb would crack or turn on and off. Try to think about Crossy Road and the vast skins they have.

The starting speed would be the same every time, the further the players advances the faster the game gets. Fine tuning and testing would be required. The game should be difficult from the beginning.

A PC version could work as well, making the game a coop or multiplayer game worthy of Steam itself.


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