DEEP BALL [released]

Title: Deep Ball
Platform: Android/iOS
Genre: Puzzle
Status: Released on Google Play

UPDATE: This game idea has been released! You can check it out here.

A choppy concept

A choppy concept

It’s been more than a year since my last post, and meanwhile I’ve been working on my first android game called Astro Rex which I hope will see the light of day by the end of the year. But for now let me get back to this simple game concept I thought would be worthy of a post.

The idea is quite simple: we have a ball that keeps advancing to the right of the screen. It moves on the center axis of the screen with it’s speed gradually increasing. The goal is to make sure the ball passes through the wall openings that keep generating endlessly from the right edge of the screen.

I’m thinking about 2 game modes:

  • One where the walls keep moving in a circular motion similar to the gif above, that is until the player touches or starts moving them, at which point they remain in the position left by the player.
  • The other one involves a somewhat cooler mechanic in my opinion, which is taping. The player would need to tap the top or bottom of each wall to bring the opening to the center of the screen for the ball to pass through it successfully. In this case the walls would be static with the openings being in random positions. The walls would also be segmented into squares with each tap moving the wall by 1 square up or down.
Tap Mode

Tap Mode

The precision for the first mode would have to be higher if not pixel perfect. If the player doesn’t center the opening good enough the ball might hit the wall and that would be game over.

There would be a single element contributing to an increased difficulty: and that is the ball (background level) gaining speed. The final score would sum up the total number of passed wall.

At the same time one could spice things up by adding an oblique corner to certain walls, giving the ball a secondary movement direction other than the horizontal one. The only reason I’d include this would be to gather a simple powerup that would decrease the level speed. This would help on the long run, and the powerup would have to appear quite rarely. I think this feature would work best for the second mode that involves taping.

Decrease Speed Powerup

The game would require 4 different images for the game loop:

  1. Background
  2. Ball
  3. Wall
  4. Decrease Speed Powerup

And that’s about it folks!


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